Literary translation Czech Republic

1 Are you looking for a translator to translate fiction in Most?
Are you looking for a translator to translate fiction in Most?
P   9 months ago   Translators   Most
I work as a translator in Most, Czech Republic. I can also provide services in cities around me. Looking for a translator to translate fiction? I edit and write scientific articles on chemical topics...

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12 Kč per page

1 Translation of poems, stories in Teplice
Translation of poems, stories in Teplice
P   9 months ago   Translators   Teplice
Interpreter services in Teplice, Czech Republic. Translation of poems, stories. Translation languages: Russian, French, Czech. I perform the following types of translations: written translations, tra...

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Literary translation - Czech Republic

Literary translation - Czech Republic

Literary translation is the translation of poetry, dramatic prose, and other literature into other languages. This can also include the translation of literature from different ancient languages and the translation of modern fiction to reach anyone to help them to understand history, politics, and even philosophy. Reading contemporary translations provides great insights into life in different cultures of the world ad help to remove the borders and escape misunderstanding and confusion. For this reason, literary translation was always used to show in-depth people lives in foreign cultures for thousands of years. For example, two great literary translators, like King Alfred the Great and Geoffrey Chaucer, both translated sophisticated literature of the Roman senator and philosopher Boethius. The translation of literature is different from other types of translation. The first difficulty is a large size of the texts involved in literary translation, which runs to hundreds of thousands of words. The second challenge is to recreate poetry in a modern language, without losing the beauty of the original work, which requires a balance staying faithful to the original work and create something unique, but still evoking the same feelings as the original.

Clearly, literary translation requires creativity, uniqueness, ability to deliver continuity. For this reason, it is not easy to find a literary translator who possesses all the above qualities. Our platform will help to put you in touch with the great linguist who’s ready to be your voice in their language. On Babr, you can find and hire a qualified literary translator in Czech Republic to translate your novels, poetry or science fiction to one of the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Norwegian, and other languages. 

Among the regularly translated works of literature are:

  • Books, novels, journals, articles, stories, poetry, movies
  • Literature, plays, series, collections of poems, short stories
  • Essays, science fiction, realistic fiction, prose, fantasy
  • Screenplays, children books, history and mystery

The price of a literary translation in Czech Republic depends on many factors. The first factor being the type of literature and its complexity. A literary translation of a simple children's book can be performed within a few weeks, while a translation of the 500-page fantasy or collection of poems might take several months or even a year and will cost more. A source and target language may also affect the price of the literary translation, so a translation rate of a rare language is higher. For example, a translation of an essay from Japanese into Urdu will cost much higher compared to a translation from English to Italian, just because fewer literary translators available for this language combination. Also, if you need an urgent literary translation in Czech Republic, you can expect up to 100% increase in price. An average price for a literary translation in Czech Republic is 0.08 to 0.15 EUR per word, while a translation of a literary page costs in the range of 15-35 EUR.